Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bell's Palsy

I have been quiet for the past few months because of my physical condition, called Bell's Palsy. I came down with it at the beginning of last December, almost 4 months ago. The left side of my face became paralyzed and my face became warped. The face is gradually coming back to normal, but I still cannot blink with my left eye. This caused extreme dry eye condition, and it has been, and still to a certain extent, hard to read or write small letters. The worst thing at the moment is inside of my head. It feels like wind is blowing or it feels like my left ear is completely filled with water. It happens when my left face is moving (like when I am eating). I also hear any sound very sharply. It is difficult to concentrate and focus on anything with this going on. A couple of weeks ago a friend recommended acupuncture. I have been getting the treatment in Walnut Creek from an acupuncturist who has treatd a number of patient with Bell's Palsy already. He seems to be dedicated to fixing my ailment, by putting needls into my face, head, back, hands, etc. He told me that I should have gotten the treatment as soon as I got the ailment rather than waiting for 3 months. One interesting thing about this condition is the fact I now sleep very well. I think I sleep longer than my cats. The fact I can blog about this means I am getting better. I don't wish this Bell's Palsy on anybody. Stay away from stress and cold wind.


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