Monday, June 30, 2008

Peaches are coming

Can you see thousands of peaches on this tree? The tree must like this location.
The Hayashi's peach tree in my garden is producing fruits again. We planted this tree a little over 2 years ago. Last year was good, but this year's crop is even better. They are the sweetest and juiciest peaches I have ever tasted. Yum, yum! What should we do with all these wonderful peaches?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Joining Twitter

Morris & I decided to sign up for Twitter today in honor of Rudy Winnacker joining the company,
George took this picture for our twitter publication, but unfortunately Morris did not smile.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Wine Tasting in Loire Valley, France

Our spectacular wine tasting vacation started here at le Chateau du Portail on May 26, 2008.
This is our group at our chateau in France

Le Chateau du Portail, our vacation home in Loire Valley

Hot air balloon ride

Wine tasting in a local winery. A 49-yr old white!

Wine tasting at our chateau. Interesting looking bottle.

Dessert as work of art at Domaine des Hauts de Loire.

White asparagus in season, yum!

Typical dining room scene

A typical main course at our chateau dining room (among other lovely dishes)

Our host and chateau owner Claud (also a great Chef)

Aerial photo of "our" Le Chateau du Portai I took from the hot air balloon, it was a beautiful spread!

Just returned from a week of dining, wining, and having a good time in Loire Valley. George missed out on this totally awesome trip. My sister Kazuko from Albuquerque and I, however, indulged in "la dolce vita" (pardon my French or Italian). It is OK to experience this kind of life once in a while, n'est ce pas?

We rented an entire chateau (Le Chateau du Portail) owned by Christine Robinson's friend, Claud. A typical day started with breakfast in the dining room at 9. Then we 'd go out for sightseeing various historical buildings, chateaus, cathedrals, wineries, markets, and museums. Then we stop for a 2 hour lunch with a few bottles of wine. This was OK since we were taken everywhere by a chauffeur driven van.

In the evening we were treated to multi course gourmet dinner complete with several bottles of wine at home , other fancy restaurants, etc. What a memorable week!

Too bad George did not want to join us.