Sunday, November 9, 2008

Mission Fig Tree near the guest room

Chinese Pistche on the left side.

Recently we planted 2 additional trees in our yard. One is a Chinese Pistache which replaced the sick Pistache tree we planted 3 years ago. This is my garden guru Bob Tanem's favorite tree. It is supposed to be very colorful in the fall. The other one is a Mission Fig we planted near the guest bedroom. I always wanted to have a fig tree ever since we visited the Vulcan region in Germany last fall. Hopefully we'll get a good crop of fig next year.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Elizabeth & Helen's First Trick'O'Treat

Pay attention to Grandpa George's left ear. Grandma and Elizabeth have matching hair color.

This year we ate in the garage so that we can catch the nieghborhood kids while eating sushi.

Halloween in Saranap is fun. It is a safe neighborhood full of children. Our granddaughters from Piedmont came over to experience their first trick-O-treating. At first 2-yr old Helen was a bit scared. But after she saw what her sister, 3-yr old Elizabeth, got Helen got the idea very quickly. They both had so much fun. In fact Elizabeth did not want to go home.