Friday, October 24, 2008

Wine Tasting Group in the Foothills, Calirornia 2008

A year ago we went to Germany for wine tasting. This year our German tasting members, Bernhard and Annamarie came to California. So we took them to the Foothills area for our version of wine tasting tour. We visited 4 wineries in Murphys area. Picnic lunch at Steevnot, tour of the beautiful gardens at Ironstone, twisted tasting at Twisted Oak, and drinking at Irish Winery were some of the highlights of the trip.

Filoli Garden Visit

Mary Baxter, Christine Robinson, Shiela Keppel and I visited Filoli Garden in Woodside for Mary's pending big birthday. The weather was perfect, and the gardens looked gorgeous in the late summer/early fall scenery. This is my favorite spot in the Bay Area. I visit Filoli at least a couple time each year.