Monday, December 21, 2009

Morris2 arrived

Yesterday, I got myself a Christmas present. It is an one-year old orange tabby I adopted from Tony LaRousa's ARF in Walnut Creek (ARF stands for animal rescue foundation). Anyway, the kitty reminded me of my old Morris (god bless his soul), so I named it Morris2.

Morris2 is an outgoing cat and is adjusting well in our household. I introduced him to Chipper. At first I was fearful of a huge cat fight, but there was none of that.
They seem to enjoy having playmates. Even though Morris2 is younger than Chipper he seems to be more dominant than shy Chipper. Interesting.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hilton House Wine Tasting

We hosted a wine tasting for our group at our house in November. We tasted 6 Spanish wines, all Tempranillos. Most of the old timers showed up along with Rudy, Betty and the girls. Dinner menu was mushroom & spinach lasagna, meat balls, Spanish olives, giant capers, green beans, chocolate cake and fudge.

Chipper and Friend ???

Chipper has been with us since this spring. He has mellowed quite a bit, though, he still does not want to sit on my lap. He seems to prefer George. He loves to be scratched by George. Recently a black cat has been eyeing Chipper. Hopefully they will become friends.