Monday, January 25, 2010

It's been a month since Mo2 jointed us here at Hilton House. He has energized us all. Chipper is particularly happy to have him around. Chipper is very nice to Mo and lets him sleep on "his" chair. Have you ever seen anything cuter than these?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Chipper and Mo2

The arrival of Chipper's playmate, Mo2, just before the past Christmas was a blessing for all of us. Normally shy and withdrawn, Chipper seems to be happier and more outgoing nowadays. He is spending more time inside, rather than his old ways of come in, eat and run outside routine. Chipper communicates with Mo2 with a very special "myrrr" sound. When Mo2 hears this he comes dashing out from wherever he is and greets Chipper.

Last night Mo2 invaded Chipper's chair by sleeping on it. Chipper did not get upset. He simply jumped on the chair himself and snoozed next to Mo2. After a while Mo2 could not stand Chipper's weight (about 15 lbs) and jumped off and slept under the coffee table.

The cats are cute together.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Morris 2 in the New Year

Morris 2, aka Mo2, has been with us only a little over 2 weeks. He has adjusted so well it feels like he's been with us for a long time. Our other cat, Chipper, seems to be a lot happier with Mo2. Chipper has been showing Mo2 around. Today Mo2 learned to go outside on his own. He watched me take down the Christmas lights. He is curious about everything, and he seems to be extremely happy. He also learned to come home through the cat door. The only thing left for him to learn is to go outside instead of coming home to use his litter box. Perhaps Chipper can show him the right way.

All the guest who visited us during the past holiday season adored Mo2. Even my sister from Albuquerque, who does not care for cats loved him. Mo2 is indeed the vision of ABC, i.e. Adorable, Beautiful, and Cutie full of charms. He made our holiday season extra happy.